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Food for your Parakeet

In their natural habitat, budgies eat a diet of various seeds. So it's only natural that they prefer these most of the time when given a choice. However the packaged seeds available at the store and labeled as Parakeet Food are often not very fresh, may contain preservatives and artificial colors and usually lack the original vitamins and nutrients that fresh, wild seed would have. Try to purchase fresh, organic parakeet seed without coloring agents and preservatives.

Fresh Fruits & Vegetables
In an effort to create a healthy diet for your budgie, it is recommended that you offer fresh fruits and vegetables daily. Spinach leaves, carrot, kale, broccoli, apple (no seeds!), and banana are examples of some of the foods parakeets often love to eat. All fruits and vegetables should be free of pesticides and thoroughly washed. Discard uneaten fresh food daily. Depending on your climate, some fresh foods should be removed within an hour or two to avoid harmful bacterial growth.

Because of the increase of malnutrition in seed-only fed birds, many advise feeding pellets which is a manufactured food. An effort is made to supply all needed nutrients in pellet form. Birds who are successfully switched over to this diet, often show initial health benefits. However, many birds resist eating pellets and there is some debate whether a long term pellet-only diet would also be too limiting nutritionally. Try to purchase fresh, organic pellets for parakeets without coloring agents and preservatives.

Offering a variety of fresh live foods, seeds and pellets seems to be a healthy choice that many bird owners find works well for their birds.

Be patient with your budgie. New foods are often avoided so you will need to be persistent.
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A cuttlebone is the internal shell of a cuttlefish and provides calcium and other necessary minerals for your bird. Budgies love to scrape and chew on them and will do so whenever they need the extra minerals in their diet.

Millet Spray
Parakeets absolutely love millet sprays! Because they are high in fat, only offer them occasionally as a treat.

Foods to Avoid
Some foods are toxic and poisonous to your bird. Never feed your parakeet chocolate, avocados, apple seeds, fruit pits, salt, onions, tomato leaves, and rhubarb. These are just some of the more common foods to avoid.

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