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Daily Exercise for your Budgie

Exercise is one of the main ingredients to keeping your budgie happy and healthy. Supplying a variety of perches, toys to climb and a spacious cage helps to keep your parakeet in good physical condition. In addition, one of the most important types of exercise that birds need is the opportunity to fly.

Certain safety precautions should be taken before allowing your budgie to fly around the room. Eliminate any possible hazards so that they can fly safely. A few common things to look for are:

budgies flying
  • Cover all windows and mirrors so that they don't fly into them.
  • Make sure all doors and windows are closed and that family members know not to open them.
  • Remove other animals (dogs, cats) from the room.
  • Remove any poisonous plants
  • Turn off ceiling fans and regular fans and make sure there are no hot surfaces such as heaters or stoves.
  • Remove or cover any containers with water or liquid including fish bowls or aquariums.
  • Hide or unplug electrical cords and remove anything that could harm your budgie if he were to chew on it.

Ideally, budgies shouldn't be left to fly around unattended. They are curious and playful and can get themselves into dangerous situations even when we've tried to make everything as safe as possible. It is recommended that your budgie be finger trained before flying outside of the cage. There may be situations where you need to return them back to their cage and being able to have them step onto your finger or a perch helps immensely.

budgie returning to cageMany budgies see their cages as their home and as a safe haven. Some will fly around the room but always return to the cage in between flights. Others will be more bold and want to explore. At first, some budgies will be confused and may not be able to find their way back to the cage.

If your budgie won't or is unable to return to his cage when it's time to return, don't chase them. Move slowly and gently and if all else fails, dim the lights. Budgies are reluctant to fly when there isn't enough light and it will be easier to gently place them back into the cage.

If possible, set aside a specific time each day when you can let your budgie fly and stretch his wings. With patience and consistency, budgies can learn to fly skillfully around a room and return safely to their cage. You may want to include a small playground (or play gym) which can be purchased or hand made. These usually include perches, toys and a swing.

budgie play gym


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