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Cleaning your Parakeet's Cage

A clean cage is an essential part of creating a happy home for your parakeet. It is also one of the easiest ways to help insure that they stay healthy. Birds create messes fast, but with scheduled cleanings, keeping a clean home for your budgie will be relatively easy.

Food and water bowls should be washed daily using mild dish soap. Rinse thoroughly and dry their food bowls before adding fresh food. Better yet, have an extra set of food bowls so you will have dry ones ready to use each day. Change the paper at the bottom of the cage and wipe off any perches and items in the cage that have droppings.

Once a week, wipe the cage down using a non-toxic, bird-safe cleaner. Wipe again with a damp rag to remove any cleaning residue. Wash the bottom tray and grate if you have one.

Toys should also get a thorough cleaning. This also serves as a reminder to rotate toys which keeps your budgie from getting bored. Thoroughly wash any toys that are removed from the cage so they are fresh and clean the next time you return them.

Wooden perches should be washed or replaced periodically. If washed, dry them in the sun if possible and make sure they are thoroughly dry before putting them back into the cage. Problem spots can also be sanded to freshen the perch. Position perches so that droppings won't fall in food or water containers or onto other perches.

It is recommended that bird cages be thoroughly washed about once a month. Give your budgie some supervised flying time in a safe room and take the cage outside (or in the shower) for a thorough cleaning. Soaking the cage first with water will soften any droppings and eliminate the need to use abrasive scrubbing which can harm the finish of your cage. Use a bird-safe, non-toxic cleaning agent and rinse thoroughly. Always dry the cage completely before returning your birds to their home.

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