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Parakeet Cage Covers

A cage cover for bedtime provides a sense of security and privacy for your parakeet. It helps to block out light, sound and drafts so that your bird will have a more restful sleep.

Some things to remember:

  • Choose smooth, closely woven fabric without snags or loose strings so your budgie won't get his toenails caught on the cage cover. Avoid towels, afghans or loosely knitted fabric.
  • Choose quiet colors. Birds are stimulated by bright colors, so you may want to choose a subdued color for your cage cover. Dark colors help block light but make sure there is still enough light inside of the cage so that your budgie can see in case he needs to move around.
  • Covers should be washable


Cage covers can be purchased, sewn at home or created using a bed sheet made from appropriate materials.

Not all parakeets like to be covered at night. However many find it comforting and will even scold if you are late covering their cage in the evening! Try to be relatively consistent with what time you cover and uncover their cage each day. Birds find comfort in consistent daily patterns.

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