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Fun Parakeet Toys

Parakeets love to play! They love shiny things, colorful toys, things to chew and shred and toys that move. Make sure you have a few toys for your budgie to play with at all times. Rotate them every so often so they don't get bored.

Every parakeet is different and will have its own favorite type of toy. Some budgies love to do acrobats on a stack of rings, while others simply ignore them. You'll soon learn which kinds of toys your bird enjoys the most. Sometimes they will avoid a toy until they are certain it is safe so give each toy plenty of time in the cage.

Make your own Parakeet Toys

Making your own toys can be fun. There are lots of creative things you can do to make an entertaining and new toy for your parakeet. It's important however to use only safe materials.

Things to avoid:

  • No toxic paint or dyes.
  • No metals with zinc or lead.
  • No little bells with tiny holes (jingle bells). Parakeets can get their feet, beaks and tongues stuck in them.
  • No beads or parts small enough to choke on.
  • Avoid wood that has been treated.
  • Avoid using glues.

Homemade Bird Toy Ideas

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Bird Toy Parts
(Remember to get parts appropriate for small birds)

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Bird Toys

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