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How to Choose the Right Bird Cage
Finding the right cage for your parakeet can be easier when you know what your want. These simple tips will help you choose a home for your bird that offers safety and protection as well as comfort and fun.

Types of Parakeet Cages
Practical or elegant, there are lots of choices. Find out what kind of cages are available.

Patience, Patience, Patience...Taming your Parakeet
A key ingredient when taming your new bird.

Budgie or Parakeet?
Blue ParakeetParakeets were first known as Budgerigars and later nicknamed Budgies. These small parrots are originally from Australia where they live in nomadic flocks. The name parakeet later became popular, especially in America and these small birds are now known by both names, parakeet and budgie.


It may seem like just a stick, but the type of perches used in the cage are an important part of keeping your bird healthy and fit.

Parakeet Toys

Parakeet Toys
Setting up your budgie's home can be fun. Parakeets love to play and enjoy having toys. Find out what they like and how to make your own.

Parakeet Toys


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